2021 Ford Explorer

From luxurious cabin designs to rugged off-roading and powerful towing capabilities, there are many similar ways you can configure your new SUV with either the 2021 Ford Explorer or 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Our team here at Five Star Ford Dallas wants to give our drivers a closer look at these two models to really see which one is best for them as they travel around the areas of Dallas, Plano, and Richardson. See what the Ford Explorer vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee offer in terms of space, safety, and performance below.

Ford Explorer Cargo Space

Ford Explorer vs Jeep Grand Cherokee: Cargo Space

The biggest difference you’ll notice is the seating these two SUVs offer. While the Grand Cherokee is a comfortable ride, it is limited to only fitting five passengers. The Ford Explorer can fit up to seven passengers since it has an extra third row of seating.

You can also use both SUVs to carry a variety of gear since they each allow you to fold down the rear seats to create additional cargo space. Since it has that added third row, the Ford Explorer overall offers more space.

That means you can fit more inside your SUV or larger and longer items. At its maximum, it provides 87.8 cubic feet of cargo volume. The most cargo volume you can get in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is 68.3 cubic feet.

2021 Ford Explorer Interior Technology

Ford Explorer vs Jeep Grand Cherokee: Technology 

Both models offer a range of driver-assistive features that add more convenience and safety to your daily commute. However, only the 2021 Explorer comes standard with a Lane-Keeping System. This feature can keep the Ford Explorer traveling straight along your intending path by alerting you if it detects you start to drift to the edge of your lane. At times, it can even apply corrective steering to center your vehicle between the lines.

Each of these vehicles offers available parking assistance systems too, which are extremely helpful when parallel parking or backing your car into a spot. While the system available in the Grand Cherokee will control the steering, you’ll still need to control the braking, accelerating, and gear position. Available Active Park Assist 2.0 does all of this for you, which means the Explorer can park itself with the simple push of a button!

Which SUV Is More Efficient?

Ford Explorer MPG

While each vehicle also comes with multiple powertrain choices, only the 2021 Ford Explorer offers an available hybrid engine. With this, the Explorer can give you extremely efficient performance whether you’re just running errands around town or when hitting the open road. At its best, the Explorer gets 27 city MPG and 29 highway MPG.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee can’t match that gas mileage since it doesn’t offer a hybrid powertrain among its engine choices. The best it offers is 19 city MPG and 26 highway MPG.

Choosing Between the Ford Explorer vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

With its added space, efficient performance, and advanced technology, the 2021 Ford Explorer is a great SUV for those near the Dallas, Plano, and Richardson, areas, who are looking for a fuel-saving, family-friendly, and safe ride.

You can come and get a closer look at the 2021 Explorer here at Five Star Ford Dallas. Visit us today and contact us now to schedule a test drive!