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When you buy a car, keeping up with routine maintenance and service is important. After you drive off the lot, you want to do what you can to continue to keep it in the best condition possible.

When it comes to Ford service near Dallas, TX, choose Five Star Ford Dallas and let our expert team help you keep your car in top shape.

Routine Maintenance Handled Quickly

Oil Change ServiceEven if you drive carefully and take good care of your car, routine maintenance is always required to keep the vehicle running smoothly.

Some routine services you need to consider to keep your Ford vehicle in proper condition are:

At our service center, these services are handled in a timely manner, so you can get back on your way to the many places you need to go. You can travel with confidence, knowing your car is properly serviced and working well. Keeping up with these routine maintenance items can help prolong the life of your vehicle and prevent you from needing additional service, saving you a lot of time and keeping you on the road.

You can easily schedule your next service appointment by using our online scheduler to set up your next visit for any service you may need.

Take Care of Advanced Repairs

RepairsWhether you drive for extended distances or travel over difficult terrain, your vehicle may require more advanced repairs depending on your driving conditions. When it comes to advanced service and repairs, go to a service center you can trust.

At our service center, we can handle everything to get your car back into the condition you need to make driving more enjoyable. We can handle repairs, such as:

All of our repairs are completed with authentic Ford parts for your exact model. This way, you can be certain that your vehicle is being repaired with genuine parts designed for your model and will operate as good as you remember from when you first purchased it.

If you are in need of advanced repairs to your engine, brakes, or transmission, and need one of our expert technicians to get you back on the road, schedule your appointment today.

Visit Our Service Center Today

Keeping up with service is important for the health of your vehicle. Make it easy to keep up with routine service on your Ford by scheduling your appointment with our service center at Five Star Ford Dallas.

Our expert team will help with everything you need to keep your car functioning properly. You can trust our team to handle everything in a timely manner and provide you with quality customer service and repairs. We’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely with the up-to-date service you need.

Schedule your visit with us for Ford service near Dallas, Texas, and get back out on the road where you belong.