How to Lease a Ford
When it comes time to pick your next vehicle, you’ll need to decide what sort of payment plan you’re after. Our finance center team makes it easy to take out a loan or start a lease, so that you find an option that feels tailored to you. In this article, we’ll cover the latter choice and go through how to lease a Ford. Read through the steps today to feel prepared for your meeting with the team at Five Star Ford Dallas. Get ready to discover the next ride you’ll drive all around Dallas, Plano, or Richardson, TX!

Find Your Next Ford

How to Lease a Ford The first step you’ll take is to find your next Ford. We offer our entire new inventory right here on our website, so that you can browse from home and see what’s in stock. Use the numerous page filters or the search bar to narrow down what you’re looking for. Among our options, you’ll see the following Ford models, and much more:
  • F-150
  • Escape
  • Explorer
  • Maverick
  • Mustang
You can also search by specific amenities to make sure your new Ford is decked out in all the latest upgrades. Find a Ford F-150 with leather seats to easily wipe the mud off after an off-road adventure. Search instead for a Ford Explorer equipped with a wireless phone charger, so that you and the family can easily set off for a trip with fully powered smartphones!

Visit Our Ford Finance Center

How to Lease a Ford Now that you have your model selected, come to our Ford finance center to discuss your lease agreement. We often feature a rotating selection of Ford lease deals, and we’ll see if your chosen model can qualify for an offer. We’ll go over the various aspects of your plan, from the monthly term length to the amount you’ll pay each month. If you think of any questions along the way, feel free to ask our team for any clarification. They’re here to ensure you’re happy with the terms and are prepared for the end of your lease, too. If you have a car to trade in, one of those questions might be about its value. We’ll be happy to appraise it and apply the amount to your plan. You can even get an estimate of this appraisal via our online trade-in form. Try it out today!

Learn About Ford Leasing Benefits

How to Lease a Ford While you’re discussing your Ford lease with our team, be sure to inquire about the benefits associated with this finance plan. One is that leases can be a fun way to switch from vehicle to vehicle every few years. We all appreciate a little more luxury and comfort in our everyday commute, and a lease is a great opportunity to see what else is out there. Since these plans often feature lower monthly payment amounts than a loan, you have more leeway to select an advanced model. Leases are also nice because of the warranty coverage. A new Ford will be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty, the terms of which should still apply during your lease. If maintenance issues come up, the warranty makes it seamless to have them fixed.

Start Your Ford Lease Today!

We’ll help you lease the next Ford you plan to drive around Dallas, Plano, or Richardson, Texas. Visit the finance center at Five Star Ford Dallas to get started today. Contact us if you have questions or wish to schedule a Ford test drive!

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