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Your little baby is growing up and is ready for his first car. While you might not be ready for this level of independence, you do want to give him an opportunity to grow, learn, and take on more responsibility. That’s why you’re looking for a used Ford around Frisco, TX.

At Five Star Ford Dallas, we sell a variety of pre-owned models that are suitable for your safety needs and your child’s style. Read on to learn about the vehicles we sell and payment options we offer.

Used Ford Inventory

A Used Ford Fit for You

Your teen wants a Mustang—it’s fast, loud, powerful, and all-around just a cool car. You, on the other hand, are not convinced that this is the best first car for a new driver—plus, you don’t even have a Mustang yet!

With our vehicle availability, though, we’re sure you’ll be able to come to a compromise with your teen. For example, a used Ford F-150 offers the exhilarating power that will excite your new driver, but it also comes with functionality, space, and available safety features to give you peace of mind.

On the other hand, an SUV like the Escape or Explorer will better serve your adventurous teen that’s looking forward to taking their friends camping. However, an SUV will also serve you when you send your teen out for errands or to take your youngest to karate practice.

Sensible Payment Options

You’re already making a great choice to set your newly licensed teen up with a pre-owned vehicle, so our finance team can make sure you’re getting the best deal you can.

Your designated finance agent will work with you to create an auto loan contract that you can smile about. We also encourage you to test out our online payment calculator to find out how much you can expect to pay by varying the loan amount, down payment, term length, and more.

Start the process from the comfort of your home by applying for credit on our website. A financial agent will then review your application and begin preparing plan options that suit your lifestyle.Used Car Ford Optimized.jpg

Fun Around Frisco, TX

Once your teen is finally behind the wheel of his Ford, give him the chance to drive you around town and show off his safe driving skills. Let him be the driver to the next football game at The Ford at The Star. On the other hand, let him drop you off at III Forks for a romantic dinner with your honey and pick you up (even if it’s a little bit past his curfew).

Visit Our Dealership to Pick Out Your Used Ford

Frisco, Texas, parents looking for a pre-owned Ford for their newly licensed teen can find a stylish, fun, and safe model at Five Star Ford Dallas. Come visit us today to test out different models and speak with a member of our finance department about payment plans.

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